Tech blog beard

J_Lips has a good friend/new beardhunter affectionately known as BabySocks who sent this


me: FUCK


Leah: He was hired a few months ago

Brad Chacos
He works remotely, but is awesome
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Dev Summit Beards

Nerds! Social Change! Beards!

This gaggle of beardy goodness was spotted at Aspiration Tech’s Nonprofit Developers Summit, an annual gathering of amazing folks – folks doing amazing tech work for social change, folks doing social change work and searching for appropriate technical solutions, and everyone in-between.


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Awesome Aqualung beard

The December’s foggy freeze -when the ice that clings on to your beard was screaming agony…

Tull would be tempted

Tull would be tempted

This live action Aqualung is nowhere near the sad creeper Jethro Tull had sitting on a park bench, eying girls with bad intent. J_Lips finds him rather charming and sexy, in fact. Note that his sweet auburn beard is completely devoid of ice.

Originally hailing from the mountains of northern California, Aqualung was forced to grow a beard to keep warm in constantly chilly conditions. This beard is but two or three months’ growth and mighty impressive!

Word about town is that the Aqualung can also grow a sweet gunslinger ‘stache.

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Ladybeards: Bold and beautiful


J_Lips isn’t entirely sure where this comes from, but a DJ friend posted it on Facebook and jaw dropping ensued.

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New York City: A Mangly Mecca

J_Lips went to the motherland not long ago and saw all manner of facial hair.

Wild in Washington Square

Wild in Washington Square



Ok, ok, we just like alliteration, not all the beards were gnarly. For example, this beard was spotted below ground looking rath er well-groomed:

With a ponytail to boot!

With a ponytail to boot!

Stalking at Sixth

Stalking at Sixth

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Belated beard updates

The Beardhunters are playing catch-up and doing some inbox spring cleaning. Among the follicles we found another from Halfmo, a regular contributor.  Here’s what he wrote from Down Under:

“Just checking in to one of my favorite beard related websites. I was absolutely blown away when you put my picture up on the site…way to make a man & his beard feel special. My beard was around 3 months then, thought you’d be happy with an update pic…now hitting 6 months.”

Six months of beard growth

Six months of beard growth

“It’s getting tough now it’s into the hot aussie summer, but i’m dedicated…hopefully. And i made a clean shave & 5 month beard comparison for you….keep up the good work.”

The before and after beard

The before and after beard

We’re mighty impressed with your tenacity, Halfmo. How’s it going now that it’s autumn in Australia?

Have a beard and want to share it with the world? Email the Beardhunters at — we love submissions, submitters make better lovers.

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Parisian profiles (winter edition)

French folks sure are beautiful (as if you didn’t know). Thanks to Vincent who sent us photos of his gorgeous ducktail beard…way back in January.

Bald and beautiful

Bald and beautiful

So sorry for the delay Vincent! Care to send us a picture of what has sprung  in the springtime?


Have a beard and want to share it with the world? Email the Beardhunters at — we love submissions, submitters make better lovers.

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(Bearded) Men in Bowties

Bloggers with odd obsessions tend to find each other:


Men in Bowties


Look at this sweet fucking Bowtie Hunter with Bjorn at The Cat Club in San Francisco

Look at this sweet fucking Bowtie Hunter with Bjorn at The Cat Club in San Francisco

Yes folks, there are other strange ladies from the Bay Area gathering photos of seemingly innocuous men and then lusting after them (or their neckwear/neckhair). Dig this chick’s Tumblr and be on the hunt for beards in bowties — website coming soon!

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Breaking science news: Beards protect against UV rays

Gentlemen, you can now toss your sunscreen along with your razors.

A study published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal by the University of Southern Queensland found that beards block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays. Holy hair, Batman!


sfb - ok cupid

“The facial hair reduced the exposure ratios to approximately one-third of those to the sites with no hair,” the study states.

To conduct the study, researchers left bearded mannequins, along with less attractive, follically-challenged ones, in the blistering sun of the Australian outback and then compared the amount of radiation absorbed by each.

Researchers found that the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) provided by the facial hair ranged from 2 to 21. Longer beard hair provides a higher UPF at a smaller solar zenith angle, though this difference decreases as the SZA increases. Protection from erythemal ultraviolet radiation (UVR), however, is not very high, particularly at the higher SZA. All of these factors help slow the aging process and reduce the risk of cancer.

Other beard enthusiasts have found the following added benefits of beard growth:

-Got asthma? Pollens and dust get stuck in that lustrous facial hair.

-Hair retains moisture and protects against the wind, keeping you looking young and fresh-faced.

-Shaving is usually the cause of

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ingrown hairs and bacterial infections that lead to acne.

So let ’em grow wild and free (or trim and tamed, if you prefer)! But don’t really throw away that sunblock. Other, perhaps less bearded, docs say it’s good for the rest of your body parts.

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…and the Oscar for Best Beard goes to


…. everyone! Hollywood’s sexiest men truly know what’s

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hot for the 2013 runway fashion season: groomed, gorgeous beards.

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Electric Ladyland’s bellybutton beard, a.k.a the Amsterdaaaaamn

Meet Nick, proprietor and artist behind Electric Ladyland in Amsterdam, the world’s first and only museum dedicated to florescent minerals where all your shroomy dreams come true.

Nick talks minerals with tourists

Nick talks minerals with tourists

A seriously cool (and seriously fried, but nbd) dude from New Jersey, Nick hasn’t cut his beard in years and tucks it into his shirt. Think this serious swath of hair tickles his tummy?

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The Cameraman beard


Think you have it bad, local journalist covering a mayoral installation? Think again! This unassuming beard from the county television station has to go to hundreds of these boring events every month. Rest assured

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he is the beardiest dude there.

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Beard porn, apparently

His lady asked to make this video. We like her.

His lady asked to make this video. We

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like her.

Watch : Combing the rainbow

viagra france

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The Hunger Games hunk

Er, one of the hunky guys from The Huger Games.

J_Lips just saw this movie over the weekend and, having never read the books or had an inclination to see the film, was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it action-packed and cool looking, but there was no dearth of hot men to feast her weary eyes on. And then there was Wes Bentley, who played gamemaker Seneca

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Although J_Lips had seen him before (most memorably in American Beauty) her first thought was “Holy shit, that guy’s beard is AMAZING! Who is he?” Turns out, he’s more than just an actor — he’s a guy with serious beard-growing chops.

In a New York Magazine interview, Bentley said the beard he wore as Seneca was styled from his own real beard and not from applied pieces. Bentley said that while he was in North Carolina filming the movie, he would often go to the local Target to buy things like baby formula while still sporting the “Seneca beard.”

Beardhunters everywhere agree that J_Lips should’ve been at that North Carolina Target to see Bentley. And, perhaps, jump him in one of the dressing rooms.



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Sexy McChopperson

chop shoppery

coffee shop choppery.

The BeardHunters happen to be huge fans of this dude. One of them is even so lucky as to get to rub this man’s sumptuously bearded face against her own from time to time. Here you can see he’s decided to keep the fur limited to the side-areas of his adorable face. Well played, sir. Not everyone can rock

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the chops, but you wear them well. The camera-lens-cap-monocle doesn’t hurt either. 😉

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The Hydraulic Beard


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